What Your Nursery Will Need For The Baby-To-Be


Preparing a nursery is one of the most fun parts of getting ready for a new baby, whether it’s your first one or not. While you might think some things that you’ll need are a no-brainer, it’s easy to overlook some essentials. Blame “baby brain”! Keep reading for a checklist of what your nursery needs to welcome your little one. You may find some things you didn’t think of yet!


A crib is a key piece of furniture for your baby’s nursery. Cribs can be really versatile these days, with pieces that convert to a toddler bed and then a “big kid” bed. Make sure that whichever crib you use meets current safety standards. Think long-term when making this purchase: If you’re going to be looking at it as your child’s bedroom furniture for 15 or 20 years, you want to really, really like it.

Photo via http://ow.ly/OX7pb

Photo via http://ow.ly/OX7pb


An important part of your baby’s nursery is a special spot for you to sit while doing feedings and cuddling before bed. You’ll want a comfortable place to sit. Consider a rocker; it can be soothing for both of you. Choose a rocker with comfortable cushions. Some chairs have runners, while other wooden rocking chairs have plush padding. Gliders are also a popular choice. Think about washability of the fabric. The height of the armrests can also make a big difference in your comfort. Also, make sure the height of the chair is appropriate for your height: It will be uncomfortable for you if you can’t rest your feet on the ground.


A nightlight can give you just enough light to take care of middle-of-the-night diaper changes and feedings. Dim light will also help keep your baby from waking up too fully, making it hard for them to go back to sleep. You can choose a small lamp with a weak bulb, but I like tiny plug-in nightlights, myself.

Baby Monitor

Photo via http://ow.ly/OX7NI

Photo via http://ow.ly/OX7NI

In my book, a baby monitor isn’t an essential; however, it can make a huge difference to your peace of mind. Personally, I would prefer to hear what’s going on with my child when I’m in another room, especially if I have other children, too: It’s so easy for little ones to get into mischief, even when they’re just wanting to help. I remember the time my sister climbed back into the crib with my newborn brother when we were all kids… imagine if my mom had had a baby monitor back in the day!



Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

They might not be cute or your first thought when getting a baby’s nursery ready, but smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can save your child’s life. In some communities, installing these important safety devices is the law. Check with your municipality to determine what laws apply; in my town, the law dictates that homes must have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and each bedroom must have a smoke detector. A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you turn the clocks forward or back each spring or fall.

Diaper Pail

I always think a diaper pail comes in handy in the middle of the night most of all. Who wants to stumble around finding the garbage can in the dark? Who wants to leave soiled diapers sitting around until sunrise? Stash a small wastebasket next to your changing table or pad, and toss those dirty diapers right away. If you’re concerned about odor, choose a sealed diaper disposal system. Either way, make it easy on yourself at night: Both you and baby need your sleep!

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Infuse Your Home with the Color of the Year

pantone-marsalaEvery year, Pantone decides on the “Color of the Year”. It’s kind of like a fashion trend for the home, and instead of it being seasonal it goes year round. Even makeup retail powerhouse Sephora partnered with Pantone to participate in the yearly announcement by releasing a makeup line that coincides with the selected color. However, the true intention of having a color company reveal a color of the year has more to do with the home than with what people use on their faces. We decided to give you some ideas on how to incorporate the 2015 color of the year, marsala, without overloading your home with the powerful shade.

Accent Wall

Select a prominent wall in your home and decide to make it the main focus of the room it’s in by painting it in a marsala tone. You can use paint or find art prints to get that same marsala feel without overpowering your house or making it look too dark.


Marsala is a brownish wine-like color that is mysterious and romantic at the same time. Why not add this feeling to the master bedroom by purchasing new curtains to add to the ambience a bedroom should have. If you would like to incorporate the color into other areas of the home like your kitchen, why not use sheer curtains for a less dramatic effect that will still utilize the color?

Accent Rug

An accent rug, or any smaller rug, is another way to incorporate marsala without going overboard. Even a shower rug can offer the same dose of color without being too garish. Don’t forget you can also buy a welcome mat in the same color or even try hand towels in the guest bathroom.

Throw Pillows

Whether you use them on your bed, one of our sofas or sectionals, throw pillows are easy to switch in and out of your home’s décor when it comes to following a new trend.  Rotate the pillows between different rooms and different furniture pieces to see where the color of the year suits your home best.


Not only do candles let you customize the scent of your home it also lets you add small, precise splashes of color. You can choose candles with colored wax or colored containers to house the various candles you buy. There are a variety of places to find beautiful candles at good prices like discount home good stores and online, and out of all of the options to incorporate marsala into your home this is probably the safest one!


How will you be incorporating Pantone’s color of the year into your home?


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12 Tips For Buying Your Dream Vacation Home

Photo via http://ow.ly/OGQYj

Photo via http://ow.ly/OGQYj

Who doesn’t dream about buying a vacation home? I know I do! No matter where you are in the process, there are important points to think about. At the very least, you’ll be ready when the time comes, right? From location to finances and renters to friends, read on for a dozen tips for buying your dream vacation home.

  1. Come up with a budget and stick to it! While you might have hopes of renting out the property to help cover the mortgage, don’t count on it. What if you can’t get enough renters to sign on at the weekly or monthly rate you have in mind? Talk to your mortgage lender and really listen to their advice about what kind of price range could be comfortable for you.
  2. Buy for the right reasons. It can be hard to recoup a financial investment on a vacation home, but if you love the home itself and the surrounding community, then what you’ll gain by spending time there is priceless.
  3. It’s more than just the mortgage! Every vacation home comes with added monthly expenses. Think utilities, property and school taxes, homeowner’s insurance, homeowner’s association fees, and more. Calculate the cost of regular maintenance, and add in the cost of paying someone to do it if that person’s not going to be you because you live too far away.
  4. Take advantage of local experts. Talk to a realtor in the area: They will be knowledgeable about the neighborhood and available properties. A realtor’s job is to help put you in the right home.
  5. Love it year-round. What may be heaven in the summer can be a real headache in the winter. Rent a home in the area for a full year first to make sure you like being there in dreary weather, too.
  6. If you’re planning on buying a vacation home outside of the United States, go into international purchases with your eyes wide open. Know the local property laws. Understand that things can turn on a dime in another country, and realize that if they do, it’s pretty likely that your options are going to be limited as a non-resident and non-citizen.
  7. The emphasis of a vacation home becomes “home.” You’re responsible for maintaining your vacation home. Your role changes from vacationer to homeowner. By the same token, you have the opportunity to put down roots and make this place where you’ve enjoyed so many great vacations your home away from home.
  8. Love the community, too! This is your new neighborhood; as a vacation homeowner, you’re not just passing through anymore.
  9. Consider the liabilities and pressure of having renters. If you plan on renting out your vacation home, realize that your insurance costs may go up. You’ll also need to keep furnishings updated to cater to a rental market. You may also need to adopt a more rigorous maintenance schedule. Remember what kind of state you expected properties to be in when you were a vacation home renter?
  10. Is the house too big or too small? Before you buy, figure out how much storage you’ll need. For example, will you want to store seasonal items or sports equipment? Will there be enough space to store your own things securely when your place is being rented out by others?
  11. Consider the pros and cons of buying with friends or family. Make sure you’re on the same page as far as usage, taking turns, and expenses. What happens when one party decides they want out of the arrangement?
  12. Decide to build or to buy an already-built home. If you’re building from scratch, you may be spending a lot of time going back and forth getting plans approved and supervising work. On the other hand, you’ll get exactly the home you want!
Photo via http://ow.ly/OGROb

Photo via http://ow.ly/OGROb

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Pros and Cons of Furniture Fabrics

set of fabric swatch samples texture isolated on white backgrounThere are a lot of options when it comes to the different fabric and finishes you will consider when buying furniture for your home. There are also a lot of factors that will help you make or sway those decisions. Pets, children, color scheme and maybe even location could influence your choices, so we thought we would highlight the pros and cons of 3 different furniture fabrics in this week’s post.


Electronic technology isn’t the only technology that evolves. We are seeing a variety of new fabrics emerge that promise to repel stains and last for ages. Microfiber is usually easy to clean and provides a soft and comfortable surface and smooth look. On the con side, some microfiber acts like a magnet that attracts animal hair and lint from clothing. Depending on the quality of the microfiber, guests can leave crease or “swirl” marks on the fabric that make the couch look untidy.


Right off the bat, leather has a certain smell some people love and some people hate. If you have animal rights concerns, leather might not be your first choice and we understand that. On the positive side, when taken care of leather can be very durable and soften in time to conform more to your body. Think of a worn in jacket or boots—they’re more comfortable as the years go on. However, you do have to keep it away from the sun and routinely maintain the leather with special conditioners to keep the leather in good condition. Leather can be prone to fading and cracking.


One of the negatives of fabric is that it is very absorbant. It can absorbb foul odors like cigarette smoke, spills, and unfortunate accidents by our pets. While you can experiement on how to clean them a bit more than you can with leather or suede, not all fabric is resistant to staining. On the positive side, fabric doesn’t absorb heat or become sticky like leather couches would, and you can easily vacuum them on a regular basis to keep them clean.

Always remember that no one fabric or piece of leather is the same. There are as many varieties in texture and style as there are color. Quality is always important in ever purchase you make, which is why we carefully choose what we put on our site. Do your research and decide which style is best for you!

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3 DIY Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

House cleaning productGoing green and being natural are all the rage right now. From body products to baby items and even pet food, the nation is looking for natural alternatives to every day necessities. The nation, however, is also looking for ways to save money how they can, so people have taken to concocting their own potions to clean their home using items anyone can find in their cupboard. As frugal and fun as that might sound, that doesn’t mean it’s the best method to clean your home furniture. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s good—remember, poisonous plants are also natural!

Other household items might be more sturdy and able to resist being damaged by these DIY cleaners. Remember, even if chemicals are used, like in commercially made products you might find unsafe, the ratios are carefully balanced and tested by scientists. We just can’t say the same for a DIY recipe on Pinterest. Here are 3 categories you should avoid when attempting to make your own furniture cleaner.


One Pinterest search is all it takes to find a horde of recipes that include acidic ingredients like lemon or vinegar to clean your furniture and even do the laundry. We do not advise using acidic substances to clean your sofas and sectionals. Vinegar is known to damage and discolor leather as will any acidic ingredient not properly diluted.


Baking soda is being touted as a miracle product all over the internet. Women are using it to scrub their faces and people are using it as a base to clean just about anything in the home. However, if you plan on using it to try and remove stains from wood floors or furniture—don’t do it. The baking soda particles will sink into the wood grain and you might never be able to get them out. If you must use baking soda, research how to properly dilute it and test only a small area of your furniture first.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Again, unless properly diluted, hydrogen peroxide can harm humans, animals, and plants. While this liquid can be used to remove stubborn stains and kill mold, you could also end up bleaching your sofa fabric or even worse, damaging the surface of any metal-based furniture item.

As with anything in life, use common sense and follow your instincts. When in doubt, use professional products and services to protect the life of your furniture.

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The Summer Decor Styles To Keep Your Home Trendy

Photo via http://ow.ly/OovDi

Photo via http://ow.ly/OovDi

Hot temperatures aren’t the only thing that summer brings: Hot décor trends arrive, too! It’s easy to incorporate trendy home design styles and colors. And don’t think that the interior of your home is the only place to get creative: Your patio and backyard are fair game, too. Read on to learn more about great ideas you can use right away!

Keep It Natural

Photo via http://ow.ly/Oow8F

Photo via http://ow.ly/Oow8F

Natural materials and designs are really popular this summer, and there’s such a wide variety of ways in which to work them into your seasonal home décor style that it’s really one of these trends that will work for everyone. Think iron, brick, steel, brass, wood, stone, and even cement. If you’re going with a big design redo, you can go big, with flooring, countertop, and ceiling designs. Indoor ponds, fountains, and other water fixtures are also increasing in popularity and can vary from traditional birdbath designs to modern waterfalls and low-key fish ponds. Smaller projects that require less time and money can include redoing a wall with reclaimed wood, installing a metal railing or bannister for an interior staircase, or choosing a wrought iron and glass patio set. You might want to consider installing or redoing a backyard path in slate, brick, or wood; boost your garden by raising it behind a stone retaining wall.

By the Sea

Photo via http://ow.ly/Ooy7y

Photo via http://ow.ly/Ooy7y

Along that same line of thinking, seaside décor styles are perennial. A beachy look is one of my favorites! Lighting, flooring, upholstery, and window treatments in summery shades of blue, sand, white, pink, and yellow can instantly transform a room. If you’re not up for repainting a whole room, consider changing your curtains or repainting just the mantel for a new look. Sea-themed throw pillows can update a room with minimal investment. Pull up your room’s carpeting, and if you have hardwood floors underneath, you can instantly enjoy a natural wood floor that’s reminiscent of a seaside cottage look. Beach-themed patio furniture cushions can help you carry that look through your home and into your backyard. I especially like adding grasses outdoors, such as along fences and walkways or potted and placed along decking.

Color to the Max

Photo via http://ow.ly/OoyZQ

Photo via http://ow.ly/OoyZQ

This summer, bright and intense colors are key components of many interior design looks. Used judiciously, color can transform a room. Greens, browns, reds, and blues are common favorites that we return to again and again. Go dramatic and paint a whole room clover green, or make the back of a built-in bookcase pop with a coat of cranberry red that’s softened by white shelves and trim. Or get really creative and paint trim onto your hardwood floor. If you’d like to incorporate color but maybe not quite so much, you can use accessories. For example, repaint your coffee table; install colored blinds or shades; or splurge on a new floor lamp with a colorful shade. These days, you can even refresh your tired-looking wooden deck or concrete patio with colored and tinted restoration and staining products that just roll right on.



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A Preview of Fall 2015′s Newest Shows

While gathering around the television as a family, friends, or a couple has become more of a rarity in the age of the internet and social media, Hollywood and production companies continue to produce great shows for us to watch—you just have to keep an eye out for them! Following different networks on Twitter is one way to keep up with upcoming shows, as are RSS feeds and blogs. But we decided to give you a heads up on some new television shows you might want to keep an eye out for when you’re planning your family couch time.



Coach was a popular 90′s sitcom that lasted 8 years and followed the adventures of Coach Hayden Fox as he lived life as both a partner in a relationship and a university football coach. Hayden Fox will come out of retirment to coach at an Ivy league school alongside his son in NBC’s revival of the show.

Heroes Reborn


This 13 episode mini-series based in the same world as the popular Heroes series will follow new characters discovering their super powers. Stars from the original show, like Masi Oka, will return but you won’t see the majority of the original main characters. However, as of late mini-series have become the new way to pitch a show to an audience. We might just see a full season if the ratings are good–which is what happened with Marvel’s Agent Carter.

Minority Report


If you miss shows like ALIAS and 24, you might look forward to Minority Report. The show takes palce 10 years after the events in the movie, and this time the “pre cog”, or psychic, is a male with a female detective to help him try to navigate his abilities while still trying to live a normal life.

Shades of Blue


This show marks Jlo’s big return to TV since she was a dancer on In Living Color. Jennifer Lopez plays a cop that is forced to become an FBI informant when corruption is discovered in her unit. The television shows also features notable actors like Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) and Drea De Matteo (The Sopranos). Out of the large amount of new shows coming out this year, we think this one sounds the most promising, but the least kid-friendly.

You the Jury


Last but not least, we get yet another reality show. However, this time your vote could decide someone’s fate. You the Jury was created by Dick Wolf, the creator of the immensely popular Law & Order television series. The civil court cases will air live and the television audience will be the ones deciding the verdict.

Like we mentioned, these shows are just a few out of a very long lineup. Pick and choose which ones you will decide to watch with your family or your significant other. And, of course, if they turn out to be boring shows you will already be in the perfect spot for a nap—your sofa or sectional.

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