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3 Helpful Moving Tips for the Summer

The summer months tend to be the busiest for movers. According to a short article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it is estimated that 65% of the 43 Million Americans moving this year will do so between Memorial Day and … Continue reading

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How Your Couch is Made – An Infographic by

As you sit back, relax and read this post, chances are you are relaxing on your sofa. As you enjoy the comfort of your favorite couch, have you ever wondered what exactly goes into its construction? Probably not; you are … Continue reading

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The Future is Foldable: Three Revolutionary Concepts for the Humble Stacking and Folding Chair

If you have ever been to a school recital, meeting hall or outdoor wedding, you know the folding or stacking chair in all of its uncomfortable glory. These tubular metal monsters have not changed since the 1950’s, and many of … Continue reading

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