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10 Spring Cleaning Tips

While just about everyone loves spring, let’s face it — spring cleaning can be a hassle. Who’d rather be indoors dusting, vacuuming, and mopping instead of outside and enjoying the sun and warmer weather? (At least, until allergy season kicks … Continue reading

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All you Need to Know About Financing Furniture

It’s a wonderful feeling when an interior design project you’ve been working on comes together. And it’s even better when you finally find the perfect furniture to complete the look, whether it’s a sofa, a dining room set or a … Continue reading

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Antiquing furniture for Beginners

Antiquing furniture is a great way to give your home character and ensure that a new piece has the precise look you’re going for. Once you find a desk, dresser, shelving unit, mantle, or other piece that you’d like to … Continue reading

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How to Find the Perfect Club Chair

While the term “club chair” might not be immediately recognizable to you, the design of the classic chair itself probably is. This is the armchair with the thick curved back and arms that envelop the sitter, often slightly reclined at … Continue reading

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