3 DIY Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

House cleaning productGoing green and being natural are all the rage right now. From body products to baby items and even pet food, the nation is looking for natural alternatives to every day necessities. The nation, however, is also looking for ways to save money how they can, so people have taken to concocting their own potions to clean their home using items anyone can find in their cupboard. As frugal and fun as that might sound, that doesn’t mean it’s the best method to clean your home furniture. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s good—remember, poisonous plants are also natural!

Other household items might be more sturdy and able to resist being damaged by these DIY cleaners. Remember, even if chemicals are used, like in commercially made products you might find unsafe, the ratios are carefully balanced and tested by scientists. We just can’t say the same for a DIY recipe on Pinterest. Here are 3 categories you should avoid when attempting to make your own furniture cleaner.


One Pinterest search is all it takes to find a horde of recipes that include acidic ingredients like lemon or vinegar to clean your furniture and even do the laundry. We do not advise using acidic substances to clean your sofas and sectionals. Vinegar is known to damage and discolor leather as will any acidic ingredient not properly diluted.


Baking soda is being touted as a miracle product all over the internet. Women are using it to scrub their faces and people are using it as a base to clean just about anything in the home. However, if you plan on using it to try and remove stains from wood floors or furniture—don’t do it. The baking soda particles will sink into the wood grain and you might never be able to get them out. If you must use baking soda, research how to properly dilute it and test only a small area of your furniture first.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Again, unless properly diluted, hydrogen peroxide can harm humans, animals, and plants. While this liquid can be used to remove stubborn stains and kill mold, you could also end up bleaching your sofa fabric or even worse, damaging the surface of any metal-based furniture item.

As with anything in life, use common sense and follow your instincts. When in doubt, use professional products and services to protect the life of your furniture.


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