Infuse Your Home with the Color of the Year

pantone-marsalaEvery year, Pantone decides on the “Color of the Year”. It’s kind of like a fashion trend for the home, and instead of it being seasonal it goes year round. Even makeup retail powerhouse Sephora partnered with Pantone to participate in the yearly announcement by releasing a makeup line that coincides with the selected color. However, the true intention of having a color company reveal a color of the year has more to do with the home than with what people use on their faces. We decided to give you some ideas on how to incorporate the 2015 color of the year, marsala, without overloading your home with the powerful shade.

Accent Wall

Select a prominent wall in your home and decide to make it the main focus of the room it’s in by painting it in a marsala tone. You can use paint or find art prints to get that same marsala feel without overpowering your house or making it look too dark.


Marsala is a brownish wine-like color that is mysterious and romantic at the same time. Why not add this feeling to the master bedroom by purchasing new curtains to add to the ambience a bedroom should have. If you would like to incorporate the color into other areas of the home like your kitchen, why not use sheer curtains for a less dramatic effect that will still utilize the color?

Accent Rug

An accent rug, or any smaller rug, is another way to incorporate marsala without going overboard. Even a shower rug can offer the same dose of color without being too garish. Don’t forget you can also buy a welcome mat in the same color or even try hand towels in the guest bathroom.

Throw Pillows

Whether you use them on your bed, one of our sofas or sectionals, throw pillows are easy to switch in and out of your home’s décor when it comes to following a new trend.  Rotate the pillows between different rooms and different furniture pieces to see where the color of the year suits your home best.


Not only do candles let you customize the scent of your home it also lets you add small, precise splashes of color. You can choose candles with colored wax or colored containers to house the various candles you buy. There are a variety of places to find beautiful candles at good prices like discount home good stores and online, and out of all of the options to incorporate marsala into your home this is probably the safest one!


How will you be incorporating Pantone’s color of the year into your home?



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