Pros and Cons of Furniture Fabrics

set of fabric swatch samples texture isolated on white backgrounThere are a lot of options when it comes to the different fabric and finishes you will consider when buying furniture for your home. There are also a lot of factors that will help you make or sway those decisions. Pets, children, color scheme and maybe even location could influence your choices, so we thought we would highlight the pros and cons of 3 different furniture fabrics in this week’s post.


Electronic technology isn’t the only technology that evolves. We are seeing a variety of new fabrics emerge that promise to repel stains and last for ages. Microfiber is usually easy to clean and provides a soft and comfortable surface and smooth look. On the con side, some microfiber acts like a magnet that attracts animal hair and lint from clothing. Depending on the quality of the microfiber, guests can leave crease or “swirl” marks on the fabric that make the couch look untidy.


Right off the bat, leather has a certain smell some people love and some people hate. If you have animal rights concerns, leather might not be your first choice and we understand that. On the positive side, when taken care of leather can be very durable and soften in time to conform more to your body. Think of a worn in jacket or boots—they’re more comfortable as the years go on. However, you do have to keep it away from the sun and routinely maintain the leather with special conditioners to keep the leather in good condition. Leather can be prone to fading and cracking.


One of the negatives of fabric is that it is very absorbant. It can absorbb foul odors like cigarette smoke, spills, and unfortunate accidents by our pets. While you can experiement on how to clean them a bit more than you can with leather or suede, not all fabric is resistant to staining. On the positive side, fabric doesn’t absorb heat or become sticky like leather couches would, and you can easily vacuum them on a regular basis to keep them clean.

Always remember that no one fabric or piece of leather is the same. There are as many varieties in texture and style as there are color. Quality is always important in ever purchase you make, which is why we carefully choose what we put on our site. Do your research and decide which style is best for you!


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